Tulips Block - WIP for a quilted sprign wall hanging

WIP: Tulips Quilt Block

I am so excited about this little tulips quilt block; I just couldn’t wait until this wall hanging is finished to talk about it! We’ve been having some gorgeous spring-y days in Germany this week, so I got the itch to bring out our spring decor (which to fair, isn’t much, but it was time!). My only problem was I didn’t have anything to put on the wall above our console table. Color fabric for tulips quilt block Tulip quilt block - free pattern So I did what anyone does these days and took to Pinterest. With zero luck. Search as I might, and did for days, I couldn’t find a pattern I liked or worked for what I had in mind - a simple but large-scale tulip quilt block. So after cursing the Pinterest gods for a few minutes, I pulled out my graph paper and sketched up a pattern during lunch. By the end of my littlest’s naptime that day I had my tulip blocks ready. Tulips Quilt Block - WIP for a quilted sprign wall hanging I’ll be finishing it up this weekend and will be sure to share the finished product next week, as well as the pattern!
For the finished tulip block wall hanging and full pattern go here
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