Purple Butterfly quilt, Bella Cottons

Alice Butterfly Quilt Wall Hanging

After putting it off for a few weeks and having to stop for another project in between, I finally finished my Alice Butterfly Quilt! I love, love butterflies so when I found this pattern by Elizabeth Hartman, it was a no-brainer. I purchased it faster than you can say “butterfly”. And I couldn’t not do it in purple since it’s my favorite color. Butterfly Quilt. Pattern by Elizabeth Hartmann Butterfly quilt - Top Wings. Purple Bella Solids. Making this butterfly quilt was a huge learning experience for me since it forced me to do things I hadn’t done before. It was also my first time following a pattern and it was a doozy. Thankfully, Elizabeth Hartman does a wonderful job with great diagrams and clear instructions. Some lessons learned from this quilt:
  • Always, always square off your blocks. I got a little carried away and didn't square off a couple and it came back to haunt me later on.
  • Keep seam allowances in mind when matching up pieces (looking at you slightly off antennas!)
  • Mark that quilt top or you’ll end up with crooked quilting lines that you’ll need to rip and redo. I thought eyeing the piecing lines on the butterfly would be enough, boy was I wrong. Hera marker, here I come for next time! 🙈
  • Write down the settings you’re using when quilting so when you come back two weeks and a different project later, you know what to set your machine at so all the quilting looks the same.
Multicolor Binding in different shades of purple Purple miter corners Purple Butterfly Quilt. Lepidoptera Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman Purple Butterfly quilt, Bella Cottons
Butterfly Quilt Details
Pattern: Lepidoptera by Elizabeth Hartman Size: 46" x 46" Fabric: Butterfly: Purples Fat Quarter Bundle from Bella Cottons Bundle Background: Bella Cottons Off White Backing: Savannah Stone Furry Purple Butterfly, Pattern by Elizabeth Hartman

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