Red, White, and Blue Quilt Patterns

Red, White, and Blue Quilt Patterns

There's something about this time of year that makes everything feel happy, fun, and exciting! I like to refer to this time of year as the beginning of the "red, white, and blue" months. Maybe it's because I come from a military family. Or maybe it's because the upcoming holidays all have a deep American feel to them. Either way, I'm happy the "red, white, and blue" months are upon us! 

In true quilting fashion, the change of season always makes me want to start planning my next quilt. I've put together a modern quilt pattern round-up with some color palette inspiration for you to help get you in the spirit of early summer! Which one will be your next quilt?

Summer Quilt Patterns

Mighty Stars Quilt

Mighty Stars quilt pattern is a fun and modern take on a classic block, the friendship star, that is fat-quarter friendly with minimal waste. I made a new Mighty Stars quilt recently that was inspired by the Modern Service Quilts version. Because of their gorgeous Mighty Stars quilt, I decided to put together a "Ribbons Extension" pattern to allow you to make a quilt just like them! Check it out on my blog now.

Starly Quilt

The Starly quilt pattern combines modern and classic quilt patterns for an eye-catching look. The classic sawtooth star block pattern is wreathed, creating a secondary design that adds a touch of modernity and a distinctive aesthetic. The Starly design works so well with both solids and prints - so if you have a fabric collection or bundle you've been dying to use for summer, this it your pattern!

Starly Quilt Kits

Pretty Little Quilt Shop

Simple Stitches Fabric Shop

Starlight Quilt

The Starlight quilt pattern is a modern sawtooth star pattern, made up of a mix and match design. You can use your favorite FQ bundle, scraps, or a layer cake. One of my favorite things about this design is how the sawtooth stars pop out in the "white space" between the fabrics. You can play around with all sorts of color combinations and still have those hidden stars right there!

Golden Hour Quilt

The Golden Hour quilt pattern is my take on a modern medallion quilt. In a medallion construction the quilt top grows out from one central block, with each new section being added to and building off of the previous. And if you just happen to be in a cross-stitching mood, you can find the Golden Hour cross stitch pattern available in my shop too! 

Joyful Stars Quilt

Joyful Stars is a fun and modern star quilt pattern that works well with solids, prints, or scraps. No tricky piecing makes this a great beginner quilt pattern. My Scrappy Navy version is honestly the quilt that made me want to put this whole summer quilt patterns list together! I kind of kick myself when I think about how festive the quilt would have worked with red and white striped binding fabric, but that blue stripe fabric is just as sweet!

Stellar Flare

Stellar Flare is a clean and modern star quilt pattern. This is the perfect pattern for a newer quilters or for a seasoned quilters trying to find inspiration again with a fast sew. While the original pattern does not include the scrappy version shown below, you can check out my Scrappy Stellar Flare blog post here to see how I accomplished this look!

Reverie Quilt

Meet the Reverie Quilt Pattern. Designed originally to pair with my Moonchild fabric collection for Riley Blake Designs, I've found that this quilt pattern is incredibly dynamic and can be used for just about any situation! The modern ombre version can be used to create a beautiful red, white, and blue gradient. Or even stick to an all blue theme on the top and finish it off with some bright red binding fabric.

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