Andes Ode Quilt Coat

Andes Ode Quilt Coat

I think it’s time to admit to one of my worst faults – I’m really bad at sharing some of my work. So many times, I’ll make something and tell… no one. Not a soul. I’ll take pictures and have the best intentions, but never get around to sharing my projects.

This Andes Ode quilted coat I made more than two years ago is such a project. But since Andes Ode is my February Pattern of the Month, this felt like the perfect opportunity to share this project finally!


Making the Quilted Coat

2020 and 2021 were the years of the quilted coats. It seemed like every quilter was making them or, at the very least, dreaming of making one. I was no different, so when I saw one of my local quilt shops offering a quilted coat class, I jumped on it! 

The first step in making my coat was choosing a design – simple patchwork or something more fun? I went back and forth on this but ultimately decided to use my Andes Ode quilt pattern to make the back panel of the coat. 

I picked Andes Ode for two reasons – is not block-based, which works great for a panel, and the math for it is easy to adjust and resize. 

For the colors of the Andes Ode panel, I picked some jewel tones that are perfect for the fall and winter months. And I quilted the panel in the same way I quilted my original Andes Ode quilt. For the rest of the coat, I kept it simple and continued the navy from the back panel. 

I wish I had more pictures of the process… because it was A Process. Garment sewing is so different from quilting, but I was too focused on getting the coat done to stop and take pictures. But I loved the end result. However, after some changes in my weight, the coat ended up being too big for me, so I gifted it to my mom.


Quilted Coat Pattern

The class was great because I had someone with experience in making garments helping me along – which was great, especially when it came to attaching the hood and sleeves. My only gripe is that the class didn’t include a pattern. It was all self-drafted by the shop owner, and while I copied the pattern pieces, the ones I copied were for the too-big size, so I can’t make a second coat like this one. 

That said, if you’d like to make your own quilted coat, I’d recommend using the Tamarack Jacket pattern (with the hood extension) or the Coda Quilted Coat pattern! I might venture back into garment sewing and make one of these coats next fall – and I’ll try to actually share it! haha

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