Rollakan Cabin Peaks

Rollakan Cabin Peaks

When I first designed Cabin Peaks, early this year, it was solely an ombre quilt like my Pantone Cabin Peaks. It wasn't until I was looking at FIGO's website and landed on their Rollakan collection, that I started playing with more color within the quilt's rows.

It seems crazy to me that I'm writing this sentence, but I reached out to my friends at FIGO, and they sent over some fabric so I could create this wonderful version. While it's the 3rd one I've finished, it's actually the second I designed, and I'm so in love with it.

FIGO's Rollakan Collection

The Rollakan collection has the sweetest colors and patterns, but the pears are by far my favorite. So much so, that I ordered some yardage of the yellow pears to make me a shirt! (That is once I get the courage to try garment sewing hah!)

I originally planned on quilting this myself, but my summer has way busier than I expected it to be, so instead, I sent it to the wonderful Katie Garrett for quilting and I love, love, love the end result. The texture on this quilt is incredible!

Close up of the Rollakan Cabin Peaks
Rollakan Cabin Peaks on quilt ladder
Cabin Peaks Quilt on quilt ladder
Long arm quilting detail
Cabin peaks quilt swirl

I'm honestly so, so happy with how this quilt came together, and every time I look at it I go a little heart-eyed emoji on it!

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  • What a gorgeous pattern!

    Janet McGeer on

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