Eddy Allan Crow Quilt Block - Spooky Sampler 2023

Eddy Allan Crow Quilt Block - Spooky Sampler 2023

In case you're new around here, I kind of really love Halloween and free quilt block patterns. If you don't believe me, just check out my blog!

I decided to do something a little different this year - instead of putting out one free Halloween-themed quilt block for you all, I recruited the help of a handful of really talented quilt pattern writers to bring you all a whole sampler quilt full of 9 different free quilt block patterns! We called it the Spooky Season Sampler!
Spooky Season Sampler Header - Cotton and Joy
This happened October 1st through 9th of 2023 and was so much fun to host! Some of the blocks are still available from the pattern designers for free! If you would like to read more about those spooky quilt blocks, check out this page.

About the Block

Meet my block of the 2023 Spooky Season Sampler, Eddy Allan Crow!
Eddy Allen Crow FREE quilt block by Fran of Cotton and Joy
Whenever I sit down to design a holiday quilt, or any quilt really, I aim for a design that I would use in my own home. Previous Halloween patterns are no different. So, I went with a crow because a lot of the Halloween decor in our home includes crows, so I wanted to bring that to life in quilt form. And as far as the name, well, I love a good pun/play on words and I couldn't let the opportunity of naming a crow after Edgar Allan Poe slip away!

Halloween Home Decor

Previously, I had looked for crow quilt blocks, but a lot of them were applique, and I really wanted something that was fully pieced. The pattern, as with all patterns from our Spooky Season Sampler, measures 15-1/2" x 15-1/2" unfinished. My block is traditionally pieced and while it looks like it has a lot of pieces to put together, it's actually pretty easy! Just take a look at the blocks some of the other designers made with my pattern:

Eddy Allen Crow quilt block made by SatomiQuilt Block made by Satomi Hoar


Eddy Allen Crow quilt block made by Ben
Quilt Block made by Ben Millett

You can use the box below to grab Eddy Allan Crow for free right in your inbox! I cannot wait to see what you make with this fun little block!

Remember to tag me on Instagram and use the hashtags #cottonandjoypatterns and #spookyseasonsampler- I can't wait to see your blocks!
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