Whirlwind Quilt Pattern

Whirlwind Quilt Pattern

I am so excited to share the last pattern of 2020 - Whirlwind!

This pattern was designed during a doodling session in the middle of the (first) coronavirus lockdown. The structured chaos reminded me of what 2020 has been a bit like - like being caught in a windstorm, being pull this way and that.

After doing some quick math, I set out to make this quilt. In true 2020 fashion, I used all fabric that was in my stash already. I ended up using some of my favorite colors, shades of blues and pinks, which interestingly enough, I haven't used on a cover sample before!

I wish I had stopped and taken pictures during the process for this quilt, but it all came together so quickly that I didn't. Once I cut into the fabric, there was no stopping!

That said, I will admit that once I sat down to write this pattern, having to figure out the best way to communicate how to make this pattern stopped me on my tracks. I wrote and rewrote the instructions at least 3 times trying to make them easy for even the most beginner quilter to follow.

I also had no idea how to quilt this! Thankfully the wonderful Katie at Modern Textiles had just the perfect panto for this - Mike's Swoosh. It fits this pattern so, so perfectly! I couldn't be happier with the end result!

I hope you love this pattern as much as I do!

To celebrate the release and my shop's 2 years anniversary I'm having a sale! 25% off all patterns with code "2YEARS". Coupon is good through Sunday, November 22 2020. Enjoy!

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