Welcome to Cotton + Joy

Hi friends!! Welcome to my new, humble, but passion-filled corner of the internet. This isn't my first, or only, internet endeavor. I thought about keeping all of the scraps that make me in one internet home, but in the end, I chose to create a separate space to connect with quilty and crafty friends - and I am so, so excited! I plan to use this space to document my quilty journey, show photos of my quilts and projects, and in general share more of this joy-filled journey. I love my lifestyle and design blog, but I want the freedom that comes with a brand new space, where I can share more of what I'm creating when I'm not knee-deep in code, WordPress, and talking about life raising two boys. So welcome, old and new friends! Can't wait to share more about this crafty journey I'm on :) Fran xo

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