Stellar Mosaic - The Kona Solids + Tester Quilts

Stellar Mosaic - The Kona Solids + Tester Quilts

From the get-go, I knew I wanted to make at least two versions of Stellar Mosaic. The first would be my Ruby Star Society one as they were sending me the fabric and I knew I wanted the second one to be an all-solids version.

And that's where I got stumped.

I'll be completely honest. I had a really hard time coming up with color combinations I liked for this quilt. I played with my Kona swatches, I looked at Pinterest for color inspiration and did more mockups on Illustrator that I care to admit, I tried doing a pull from my stash and nothing felt quite right. So I did the only thing I could think of: I messaged Kristina from Fabric Bubb. In what can only be described as a long, rambling email I asked for her help and gave her two starting points for inspiration.

We messaged a bit back and forth, and then she came back with the PERFECT bundle of fabrics for this quilt. The second I opened my package from her, I knew I had been right to message her. The colors are beyond perfect together and really shine.

This color palette really speaks to my heart. If I could summarize my favorite colors into one quilt, this is about as close as we'd get. Purple, teal, and navy blue FOR LIFE.

For the quilting, I decided to keep it pretty simple and I used my trusty Janome 4120QDC to quilt some uneven crosshatched, really playing off the 45-degree angles in the pattern.

And then the PERFECT thing happened! We actually got some snow in the PNW, which is a very rare occurrence. So you best believe that I did some begging and got my mom to go out with me and get some pictures of this finished quilt out on the snow!

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I really, really wish I could take any credit for the amazing colors used in this quilt, but it truly was all Kristina working her magic. And I'm so beyond excited that she made this bundle available on their website, so you too can make a Stellar Mosaic THIS amazing.


Testers Quilts

And now for one of my favorite parts of a pattern release - sharing all the tester quilts! I can never fully express all the gratitude I have for pattern testers. Testers are everything and they continuously blow me away with the amazing quilts they make! Let's take a look :)

I love, love how Christine modified the block layout just a bit and made this quilt truly her own. Her color choices are just amazing and so is this picture. She let me know a little about the history behind this bridge - it's a bridge the US Army crossed during WWII to free the French city of Angers!

I love the romantic feel of this baby-sized Stellar Mosaic that Claudia made.

I LOVE the embroidery details Alison added to her Stellar Mosaic!

Delphine knocked it out of the park with her fabric choices and beautiful pictures in the Alps!

Emily made this AMAZING quilt with fussy cut buffalos that just stole my heart!

Genna always surprises me with her color choices, and this was no exception. I love how well they contrast together and against the snowy background in this photo!

I love how bright and happy this version by Jessica is! She's the only one to use a solid white background and it looks so good!

I wish I could drive down and steal Julie's Stellar Mosaic. It's so soft and feminine!

This bright beauty is going to Lynn's first grandson and I cannot tell you how honored I am that she's using one of my patterns for this special occasion!

I cannot put into words how much I love the yellow Petra used for her background fabric and how well she seamlessly made the main fabrics match!

And last but definitely not least, Tracy's two (!) versions! I ADORE the baby quilt she made and how bright and happy it is. And that quilting and binding detail are just perfect!

And her bed-sized Christmas Stellar Mosaic is amazing! I cannot wait to see how she'll quilt this up!

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