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Joyful Stars in Fairy Dust Ombre

Joyful Stars quilt pattern is now available in the shop!

Every once in a while, when motivation is off and sitting at either my sewing machine or my computer sounds akin to torture, I take out some paper and pencil and sit down to doodle. I draw random shapes, other times shapes that might become a quilt block. Joyful Stars came from such a drawing session.

After a few minutes of doodling during this one doodling session, I focused on the Sawtooth Star. It's such a beautiful, classic shape in the world quilting. I've always loved it and knew I wanted to create a quilt that featured this shape. True, I had Stellar Mosaic in the works, but I wanted something simpler. Something scrappier. I ended up drawing 5 or 6 different block options before I landed on the one that would finally become Joyful Stars. I just loved the idea of the star itself being off-set by color tiles.

Fairy Dust Ombre by V and Co for Moda Fabrics

But then life got crazy, as it does, and I had to focus on a million other things. That is until Vannesa from V and Co asked me if I'd want to sew with her upcoming fabric collection, Fairy Dust Ombre. The words ombre and metallic stars caught my attention and I typed YES in all caps before I even finished reading her message!

I immediately knew that Joyful Stars and Fairy Dust Ombre were meant to be. Once I received the fabric in late January, I couldn't wait to get started! And once I finished my first block, there was no stopping. This was everything I thought it'd be and then some!

Joyful Stars Ombre Quilt Block
Joyful Stars Quilt Blocks
Joyful Stars Quilt Blocks
Joyful Stars in Fairy Dust Ombre Quilt Top

Out of the 32 colors, I only needed half, and I had the hardest time picking out the lucky 16. I knew I wanted a rainbow-ish arrangement for the final blocks, similar to what I did with my Ombre Hexie Blooms, so I worked off that idea. I tried picking out my favorites first, but some of them didn't work to they went back into the pile - this just means there's another ombre quilt in my future, haha!

Honestly though, I don't think I could love the end result anymore than I already do. It's so happy and bright - exactly what I needed while there's a pandemic going on.

For the finishing touches, I wanted something simple that wouldn't distract from the gorgeous fabric. So, for both the binding and the backing, I used some solid fabric. And for the quilting, I did some classic 3/4" apart, straight-lines on my trusty Janome 9450.

Joyful Stars Quilt Top
Quilt Binding
Finished Joyful Stars
Joyful Stars Ombre Quilt Detail
Full Joyful Stars Quilt
Full Fairy Dust Ombre Joyful Stars
Joyful Stars
Joyful Stars
Joyful Stars
Quilt on a ladder
Quilt on a ladder

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