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A Dinosaur Quilt - Solstice Lights

Before we talk about this dinosaur quilt I made for my youngest boy, I have a quilty confession to make. Last year, I set off to make a quilt for every member of my family for Christmas. And I failed miserably. I set out to make five quilts, but only finished two in time - yikes.

With this failure in my hands, I switched strategies and decided to make quilts for birthdays, this year haha. So even though this dinosaur quilt was technically ready to go on Christmas Day, I decided to hold on to it for another month and gave it to my littlest dude on his birthday. For some reason, I never got around to sharing until now, but better late than never! (that really seems to be the theme of this post! haha)

I started off this quilt with Riley Blake's Fossil Rim collection. Once it hit stores, I couldn't buy it fast enough for our youngest son, Ben, who is obsessed with dinosaurs. I simply couldn't not get it! Once I had the fat quarter bundle in my hands, it became a question of what pattern to use. And thankfully the answer came very quickly to me - Solstice Lights.

Fossil Rim by Riley Blake fabric pull

At the time I got this fabric, I was working on the pattern release for Solstice Lights so it was a natural fit. I opened the FQ bundle and mixed in some solids and basics from my stash to break up the dinosaur explosion that was happening and landed on a pretty dang cute assorted of fabrics.

Since the original fabric has a lot of white in it, I decided to use a darker fabric for the background. Essex Yard Dyed was simply irresistible and once I finished my first block, I knew I was onto something.

Dinosaur quilt block using Solstice Lights pattern
Boy quilt swirl

From there, it was a game of working on this quilt but keeping it hidden from my sidekick. It worked pretty well, thankfully! Once it came time to arrange my blocks, I decided to do a gradient of sorts instead of randomly placing the colors/prints, and I love the result!

Thankfully, so does my little dude and this dinosaur quilt lives on his bed ever since January. It'll soon need a wash since even our dog has taken to taking naps on it, ha!

Dinosaur boy quilt
Solstice Lights
Boy quilt
Straight line quilt close up
Fossil Rim fabric quilt on twin bed
Dinosaur Boy Quilt on twin bed

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