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Crescent Quilt - The Adorn One

Happy pattern release, friends! Meet my newest quilt pattern - Crescent!

The original idea for this pattern came after browsing through Pinterest. I came across a home decor pin that had a DIY wood half circle art. I loved the simplicity and movement of the overall wall art and immediately wanted to try it on a quilt.

On first look, it looked as though they had taken darker pieces of wood for the bottom half of some of the half circles, but then I realized that was just the variation on the wood, but the idea stuck with me and I included it in the pattern as an alternate optional block.

And then I sat on this pattern for months and months. I was kind of terrified of trying those big half-circle curves, but after doing my Memi's Lemons pattern over the summer, I felt confident enough to give it a try.

Just when I was getting the confidence for it, I got an email from the ladies at Ruby Star Society, asking for project for their catalogue, and after seeing Rashida Coleman-Hale's upcoming Adorn fabric, I knew they'd be the perfect match to Crescent!

I adore the bright colors and fun shapes throughout the fabric and Crescent provides the perfect block to showcase it.

If you've never done curves before (or even if you have!) a half-circle like this can look quite intimidating, but this is such a gentle curve that it means it's perfect for first time curvy sewing.

But if you're still unsure - check out this video tutorial I made specially for this pattern ;)

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